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The American English Podcast teaches the language and culture of the United States. Through common expressions, pronunciation tips and interesting cultural snippets or stories, I hope to keep this fun, useful and interesting! All bonus material can be accessed at

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My grandma permanently moved to the United States from Spain in the 1950s and the only way she could afford to keep in contact with friends and family was through writing letters; flying and international calls back then were not in her family’s budget. Email didn’t exist yet. She sent postcards and letters,  pictures of her kids and eventually her grandkids. In her lifetime, the United States Postal Service (USPS) was her lifeline to the people she’d left overseas. Today, I'll tell you a bittersweet and very informative story about my grandma and her relationship with the post office and mail. Through it, you'll learn over 20+ words in context! Can you relate to this story? Let me know what you think. You can write to me on Instagram @americanenglishpodcast, or on Spotify in the comments. If you would like to help me decorate my office, please send me a real postcard!  Shana Thompson P.O. Box 9074 Asheville, NC 28815 I create this podcast because of YOU. You have no idea how excited I would be to see you're not just a figment of my imagination (haha). Plus, your card will end up on my wall! :) Premium Content for this episode is available with both of these: Season 4 (Episodes 150 - 200) = Each episode includes a quiz, the PDF transcript (the text of the audio) with definitions of challenging words and the mp3 file. All Premium Content for Seasons 1, 2 and 3 (Episodes 001 - 150) Support the show

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