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Every weekday, TED Talks Daily brings you the latest talks in audio. Join host and journalist Elise Hu for thought-provoking ideas on every subject imaginable — from Artificial Intelligence to Zoology, and everything in between — given by the world's leading thinkers and creators. With TED Talks Daily, find some space in your day to change your perspectives, ignite your curiosity, and learn something new.

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In an unflinching look at issues that widen the political divide in the US, journalist and editor Bari Weiss highlights why courage is the most important virtue in today's polarized world. She shares examples of people who have spoken up in the face of conformity and silence — and calls on all of us to say what we believe. (Followed by a Q&A with head of TED Chris Anderson)

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  • 2749 - Be courageous! A call to speak up for what you believe | Bari Weiss 
    Wed, 29 May 2024
  • 2748 - The problem with being "too nice" at work | Tessa West 
    Tue, 28 May 2024
  • 2747 - Sunday Pick: How to Make a Fan: From F1 to Banana Ball 
    Sun, 26 May 2024
  • 2746 - How to break down barriers and not accept limits | Candace Parker 
    Mon, 27 May 2024
  • 2745 - How a "Hi Level" mindset helps you realize your potential | Cordae 
    Sat, 25 May 2024
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