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Culips English Podcast: Practical English Learning Made Fun Learn and Explore: Join Culips for an exciting English learning journey. Our podcast focuses on teaching English idioms, slang, and phrasal verbs through fun and engaging conversations. Each episode helps you master English for real-life situations. Unique Learning Experience: Culips stands out by blending language skills with cultural insights. Our diverse hosts make learning relatable, covering a variety of everyday topics. You’ll pick up practical language skills and gain cultural understanding, enhancing your English fluency in an enjoyable way. Your Path to Fluency: As your ideal learning partner, Culips provides easy-to-understand lessons on daily English usage. Learn from native speakers and immerse in different cultures, making your English learning journey rewarding and effective.

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Bonus episode #090 - Afternoon at the opera
Episode description
In this episode, Andrew takes you on an adventure through Sydney, Australia! Discover the famous Sydney Opera House through Andrew's eyes as he talks about his experience watching a live opera performance. Lace up your running shoes and go with him across Sydney's scenic routes, including the Seven Bridges Run and the popular trails of Centennial Park.

Hear about Andrew's visit to the Sydney Fish Market and the funny challenges he faced while eating seafood with curious birds. In addition to these stories, Andrew shares about more exciting activities he did in Sydney, and talks about what's to come from his time in Melbourne next.

Listening to this episode is a great way to build your English skills. As you listen to Andrew's stories, you'll pick up new expressions and vocabulary, and improve your English communication in a fun and entertaining way.

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