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Learning English is tough stuff, but we’re here to help every step of the way. This podcast is for English language learners who want to improve their lives by becoming fluent in English. Our high-quality lessons are free, fun and taught by our expert hosts. Listening to Culips is like sitting in on an interesting chat between good friends. Your fluency, listening skills, vocabulary, and pronunciation will improve naturally as you get to know our hosts and learn about interesting topics and trends in Canada and around the world. Get awesome at English, with Culips!

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Table manners are an important part of many different cultures. Something that may be considered rude in one country may actually be polite in another. In this episode, Andrew and Suzanne talk about what is generally considered polite in the U.S., Canada, and U.K., their personal opinions on table manners, and a few horror stories about some really uncomfortable eating situations.

Fun facts
If you have the opportunity to enjoy a meal at a fancy restaurant in the U.S., here’s an etiquette tip that will help you and your waiter. When leaving your seat for a short period of time, leave your napkin on your chair to indicate that you haven’t finished your meal yet. When you’re ready to leave the restaurant and you want to signal to the waitstaff that you’re finished, place your napkin on top of the table.

Expressions included in the study guide

* In the zone
* Spic and span
* Doesn’t fly
* To be glued to [something]
* To show [someone] the ropes
* To cut [something] out

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