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The #1 podcast for kids and their grown-ups. Hosts Mindy Thomas and Guy Raz share stories about the latest news in science, technology, and innovation. Stories that give kids hope, agency and make us all say "WOW"!

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Why is Guy Raz napping?! And what does this have to do with bears?! We've got the questions AND answers for you in this BEAR-y round of Two Whats?! And a Wow! It's up to you to guess the WOWs from the WHATs about BEARS! See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

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  • 616 - Two Whats?! And A Wow! - Who Wants To Be A Million-Bear? (1/27/23) 
    Fri, 27 Jan 2023
  • 615 - Octopus Punch (1/23/23) 
    Mon, 23 Jan 2023
  • 614 - Two Whats?! And A Wow! - The Name of the Game (1/20/23) 
    Fri, 20 Jan 2023
  • 613 - Love on Lizard Island (1/16/23) 
    Mon, 16 Jan 2023
  • 612 - Two Whats?! And A Wow! - The Scientific Method (1/13/23) 
    Fri, 13 Jan 2023
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