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In this episode of Talking HealthTech, host Peter Birch speaks with Linus Talacko and Kai Van Lieshout, the co-founders of Lyrebird Health, about efficiency and functionality of their AI-driven documentation tool for healthcare professionals. 

They are joined by Danielle Bancroft from Best Practice Software who shares insights on the importance of strategic partnerships within the health tech ecosystem and how Best Practice Software collaborates with other technology developers like Lyrebird. 

Together, the group dives into the challenges of clinical documentation and admin burdens on healthcare professionals, while exploring how AI can be a tool for improvement, not just a flashy addition.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lyrebird's origin: The inception of Lyrebird is rooted in the founders' personal experiences with the healthcare system and their drive to solve the time-intensive burden of clinical documentation for health professionals.

  • AI as a solution, not a focus: Lyrebird Health emphasizes solving the problem of time-consuming notes and paperwork for clinicians. AI serves as a means to achieve this goal, rather than being the product's core.

  • Patient and clinician experience: Lyrebird works by listening to the consultation, converting speech to text, and generating patient notes and documentation, improving engagement between doctor and patient.

  • Importance of security: Lyrebird Health ensures that all audio is converted to text in real-time and immediately deleted to maintain patient confidentiality and data security.

  • Integration leveraging strengths: Best Practice Software's strategy is to focus on what they do best while partnering with experts like Lyrebird to enhance their practice management system.

  • The future of Lyrebird Health: Looking ahead, Lyrebird aims to automate all tasks that are not direct patient care within the consultation, working towards a vision where doctors are empowered to focus solely on patient interaction.

Check out the episode and full show notes on the Talking HealthTech website.

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