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FOX News Radio is a conservative radio station owned by Fox News Media. It supplies programming for two channels on Sirius XM and it is syndicated to several FM and AM radio stations across the USA. It is also possible to listen live to its broadcast worldwide via online live streaming.

Launched in 2003, the station began as a provider of news updates to the syndicated radio stations, gradually increasing its broadcast time and teams of news reporters and radio professionals. Due to its success, the station began also offering talk shows on its line-up featuring well-known FOX News anchors and hosts. 

Currently, FOX News Radio syndicates three talk shows that are also available via live streaming: The Brian Kilmeade Show, The Guy Benson Show, and Fox News Across America with Jimmy Failla. The latter replaced Todd Starnes' show after his dismissal from Fox News in 2019. The station also syndicates to Premiere Networks the talk show Hannity (formerly known as The Sean Hannity Show), which is occasionally hosted by Mark Levin, the host of one of the most successful Fox News talk shows "Life, Liberty & Levin". Hannity is also available on Fox News Channels Premium Podcasts.

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