The Jazz Groove (Mix #2) 생방송
The Jazz Groove (Mix #2)

The Jazz Groove (Mix #2) 생방송

Laid-Back Jazz

The Jazz Groove is an online radio station specialized in laid-back Jazz, launched in 2016. With musicologist curated blends of sophisticated and timeless Jazz classics, the station has progressively expanded to include in its line-up the live show Jazz Tonight, hosted by Ray White, and radio features suggested by listeners that can be attained via an online Premium subscription.

The Jazz Groove has also evolved into a network of live streaming Jazz channels: The Jazz Groove Mix #2, Dreams (Jazz for sleep), Gems (vocal Jazz), and Smooth Jazz.

카테고리:  Jazz

주파수 The Jazz Groove (Mix #2)

샌프란시스코: Online

도쿄: Online

콘택트 렌즈

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