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He’s a former Secret Service Agent, former NYPD officer, and New York Times best-selling author. Join Dan Bongino each weekday as he tackles the hottest political issues, debunking both liberal and Republican establishment rhetoric.

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In this episode, I address the disturbing new story about the FBI purging conservatives from their ranks, in an effort to create an army of liberal political enforcers.  News Picks: Outsourced censorship: Feds used a private entity to target millions of social posts in 2020. FBI allegedly engaging in 'purge' of conservative employees, retaliating against whistleblowers. The FBI celebrated employees who kneeled before the Marxist BLM gods. The media humiliated themselves with their outrageous coverage of Hurricane Ian. Imbecile leftist tries to dunk on Trump after Hurricane Ian and gets destroyed when the facts get in the way. Final GDP reading shows US economy shrank 0.6% in the spring, cementing start of recession. The growing threat of digital currencies. This month in fact-checking. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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