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We are here to share Won Buddhism dharma talks. Won Buddhism makes Buddha’s teaching relevant and suitable to contemporary society.

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Rev. ZiYoung opens the door of clarity in this enlightening dharma talk about “No-Self.” As  Rev. Kang explores the question, “Who am I?”, she examines the layers of delusion we often have about “self” that invariably cause us to suffer, and she encourages us to release them to reveal our true nature: numinous awareness. https://www.wonbuddhismnc.org

이전 에피소드

  • 308 - No-Self in Practice by Rev. ZiYoung 
    Mon, 24 Jan 2022
  • 307 - New Year's Gift by Rev. WonGong 
    Mon, 10 Jan 2022
  • 306 - The Truth of Il-Won-Sang by Michael Macklin (Won Hyoung) 
    Sun, 02 Jan 2022
  • 305 - Honoring 2021 by Rev. WonGong 
    Sun, 26 Dec 2021
  • 304 - Letting Go of Discrimination and Attachment by Rev. ZiYoung 
    Mon, 20 Dec 2021
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