The Ted and Austin Broer Show - MP3 Edition 의 The Ted and Austin Broer Show - MP3 Edition

The Ted and Austin Broer Show features a wide variety of important topics including health, news and more

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Episode 2303 - What case was thrown out? -America is a republic! How much propaganda is shown to citizens to skew the truth? -Are courts being used as a weapon to keep people quiet? -What happened to Stars wars? -Why do fewer Americans need to be on statins drugs? -Disney comes back on top with the lawsuit with Florida. -Why are the lakes not clear and dirty now? -Make wise decisions with your health, emotionally, spiritually, physically. -What is the single most important thing for cardiovascular health? -How are you breathing when lifting weights? -Why is homeland security getting no information about illegals coming over the boarders? -Are energy drinks related to heart risk? High energy green show!

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