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Save more and spend less is more than just a motto for money expert Clark Howard; it’s a way of life. Clark and his crew — Team Clark — are on a mission to empower people to take control of their personal finances by providing money-saving tips, consumer advice, hot deals and economic news to help everyone achieve financial freedom. Clark is a nationally syndicated radio talk show host and a consumer reporter for television stations around the country. His podcast, The Clark Howard Show, receives more than one million downloads each month and is a hub for listeners to get valuable advice on-demand any time. Clark answers questions on the most popular business and consumer topics including; how to buy a cars, financing a home, retirement planning, shopping for insurance and getting the most out of your savings. Join the conversation and submit your question to . Clark spearheads two free resources — and — to encourage consumers to save more, spend less and avoid ripoffs.

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Friday - Clark Stinks day! Christa shares Clark Stinks posts with Clark. Submit yours at Also, Clark talked about the changing landscape for workers yesterday. Today, for employers - the topic is creating loyalty in a workforce. Retaining motivated employees is a big problem for companies. Clark discusses how giving employees a stake in the game makes profitable sense, and ways businesses can accomplish that.   Clark Stinks: Segments 1 & 2 Enlightened Employers: Segment 3 Ask Clark: Segment 4 Mentioned on the show: Mint Mobile Introduces Modern Family Plans Employee-Owned Publix Offers a Lesson for Other Supermarket Chains What Are Good Resources for Starting or Growing a Small Business? - ARRIVED - empowering the world to build wealth through modern real estate investing. resources Episode transcripts daily money newsletter Consumer Action Center Free Helpline: 636-492-5275 Learn more about your ad choices: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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