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A five-time Emmy winning SNL comedy writer/producer, joins a four-time #1 NYT bestselling author, a three-time highest-rated national progressive radio host, a two-time Grammy winning artist, and a former US Senator. So, it gets a little crowded in the booth when Al talks public policy and sometimes political comedy with notable guests. Think “The Daily” without the resources of the NYTimes.

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  • 207 - WaPo’s Dana Milbank On How Only 2/3 of GOP House Members Are Crazy 
    Sun, 22 Jan 2023
  • 206 - Norm Ornstein on The Radical Right Takeover of the House 
    Sun, 15 Jan 2023
  • 205 - Amy Walter of The Cook Political Report 
    Sun, 08 Jan 2023
  • 204 - BEST OF - Neal Katyal On How Trump Would Be Prosecuted 
    Sun, 01 Jan 2023
  • 203 - BEST OF: The Day the President Laughed! 
    Sun, 25 Dec 2022
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