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Professor Fred Watson and Andrew Dunkley

Join Professor Fred Watson, world-renowned Astronomer at Large, and Sci-Fi Author and Broadcaster Andrew Dunkley, on their captivating podcast, Space Nuts. Dive into the vast universe of space, astronomy and astrophysics as they discuss the latest news, exciting space travel adventures, groundbreaking discoveries, and unravel the enduring mysteries of the cosmos. This engaging series offers a unique blend of expert insights and imaginative storytelling and listener input, making it a must-listen for space enthusiasts and science fiction fans alike.

Two episodes a week with news and explainer focused editions published on Thursday's and our Listener Q&A focused edition on Monday's.

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Marsquakes, Parker Solar Probe, and Ancient Supernova
Join Andrew Dunkley and Professor Fred Watson in this captivating episode of Space Nuts, where they explore the latest cosmic discoveries and delve into the history of the universe.

Episode Highlights:

  • Marsquakes Unveiled: Discover the unexpected frequency of Marsquakes, thanks to data from the now-retired InSight mission. Fred explains how these findings are reshaping our understanding of Martian geology and the impact rates on the Red Planet.
  • - Parker Solar Probe's Record-Breaking Speed: The Parker Solar Probe has set a new speed record as it skims the sun at an astonishing pace. Learn about the spacecraft's incredible journey and its upcoming close passes.
  • - Ancient Supernova of 1181: Uncover the mysteries of a supernova first observed in 1181. Fred discusses recent discoveries and what they reveal about this rare cosmic event, including the collision of two white dwarf stars.
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  • 444 - #433: Marsquakes Surge & Parker Probe's Record Speed 
    Thu, 11 Jul 2024
  • 443 - #432: Virtual Particles & Black Hole Mysteries: Listener Questions Explored 
    Sun, 07 Jul 2024
  • 442 - #431: Ancient Universe Revealed by Webb & Space Junk Hits Home 
    Thu, 04 Jul 2024
  • 441 - #430: Dark Energy Theories & Voyager's Cosmic Rays: Your Queries Answered 
    Sun, 30 Jun 2024
  • 440 - #429: Boeing Starliner Woes & Titan's Liquid Coastlines: Cosmic Insights 
    Fri, 28 Jun 2024
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