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Thyroid, stress, inflammation, gut issues, and not sleeping well? Welcome to the Nutrition's My Life Podcast!! I'm a Registered Dietitian that specializes in thyroid and gut health. I also am a health warrior myself! This podcast is a place to learn about hypothyroidism and what foods and habits are helpful. I talk anxiety a lot because it's a big symptom of mine and I help you understand the mind - gut connection. You'll learn more about inflammation reduction, how to sleep better, have more energy and less stress. You'll learn a lot about gut health and a lot about thyroid health. Many of the women I work with have multiple health issues. You're not complex, you're connected. Come with me on my health journey as I share my struggles and success as well! I'm here to help you be the best version of yourself, even with health issues! We're health warriors here. We're thyroid warriors. We're gut warriors. We're auto-immune warriors. We just need to know how to do it! Let me show you how! To learn more or work with Nicole you can visit

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Picture this... You're on social media and have scrolled through multiple conflicting posts. One person is saying you have to be gluten free, another is saying to cut carbs out completely, and someone else is saying it's okay to eat gluten containing foods and other carbohydrates.  It's like whiplash of information and how do you know know what is right and what isn't? Nutrition myths debunked on today's episode: - Goitrogenic Foods - Gluten Free - Dairy - Soy - Vegetarian / Vegan

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