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Welcome to the "How We Innovate" podcast presented by Applandeo. On this podcast, you'll find a mix of stories that led to our guests becoming innovators. We'll get to know how they’re using technology as a tool to achieve that, as well as their business challenges and failures, and most importantly, lessons learned. We'll pull back the curtain of their industry and share some personal adventures along the way.

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During our conversation, Julia told us about his journey of becoming the Director of International Operations at Ukrposhta – the national postal and courier service company of Ukraine. We also discussed different aspects of the postal industry and its challenges, especially how Ukrposhta manages their work during the war, how technology helps them, and much more! Meet Julia!

About Julia

Julia Pavlenko currently holds the position of Director of International Operations at Ukrposhta, the national postal and courier service company of Ukraine, where she brings her expertise as an experienced logistics and operations professional. Her responsibilities include overseeing the international operations of the company, which involves managing partnerships with other postal services globally and ensuring the delivery of international mail and packages.

Before joining Ukrposhta, she served in several leadership roles in the logistics industry, where she acquired valuable experience in managing international supply chains and operations.

During her tenure at Ukrposhta, Julia has spearheaded the expansion of the company's international delivery capabilities and forged new partnerships with postal services in other countries. Moreover, she has been a driving force in implementing new technologies and processes to modernize and enhance the efficiency of Ukrposhta's operations. Overall, her dedication and proficiency have played a significant role in the success of Ukrposhta and the logistics industry, particularly in the midst of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

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