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People are used to major medical insurance covering most of the cost of services.

Vision and dental insurance don't work that way.

Dentistry is not considered as a branch of medicine by the federal government. Dentists don't go to medical school, only to dental school. Dental insurance is a bit more expensive because it isn't considered medically necessary.

In fact, barbers used to do dental work in the late 18th century. Dentistry was considered "aesthetic only" at one time.

You may not need dental insurance if your dental health is good. Out-of-pocket cleanings may not bother you. If you have kids, you may want dental insurance. Dental care for children is included under Obamacare.

Ophthalmologists go to medical school and can do medical procedures. Eye health procedures conducted by an ophthalmologist and emergency surgeries are covered by medical insurance.

Optometrists do not go to medical school and are covered by vision insurance. Vision insurance covers your eye exams, contact lenses and glasses. If you know you need contacts or glasses, get the insurance for the savings and discounts. Some employers offer vision insurance for as little as $4 per month.

Health insurance expert and President of Government Relations for GTL, Marianne Eterno, joins host Melanie Cole to discuss the basics of dental and vision insurance.

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