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A podcast about what else but films. We watch it then share thoughts. You listen and enjoy. What else do we need to do? Give blood? I can’t give blood, I’m recording a podcast

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On our last episode of Full Movie Podcast. We discuss our favourite bits. Worst films and films we really really should have reviewed.

Massive thanks to everyone who has chipped in along the way. Promoted our little chats and left reviews.

FMP Has been a fantastic learning experience for us and we couldn’t have done any of it without your love and support.

Anyway. Here’s to the next adventure

Coming July 2021

Thank you everyone. Have a great June and July and stay safe.


Matt & Freya

Here’s Matt’s ranking of the Spiderman films. https://youtu.be/688qN7wOCao
Thank you so much Dan at 50p Movie Club

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