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Recapping Toronto Blue Jays action after ever game and fielding listener texts with hosts Jeff Blair, Kevin Barker and Sho Alli! Don't miss Jays Talk Plus from Monday to Friday with Blake Murphy at 10am-12pm.

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Sho Alli breaks down the Blue Jays' 12-1 blowout loss to the Diamondbacks to lose the series in Arizona at Chase Field. He takes your calls and texts, and chats about the change that likely awaits the Jays in the offseason. Who wears the blame: John Schneider, Ross Atkins, Mark Shapiro, the hitting coaches, the players...or all of the above? Would firing the manager make a difference at this stage? Is a managerial change the last card this front office has to play? Afterwards, he discusses another uneven start from José Berríos and gets into the bullpen getting smoked once again. The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are those of the hosts and guests and do not necessarily reflect the position of Rogers Sports & Media or any affiliates.

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